10 Screen-Free Indoor Games For Kids

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Oh, the weather in Texas. One minute we’re drenched by torrential downpours, and the next, there’s scorching heat. And the next day? A brisk autumn gust.


We probably don’t have to explain to you that sunshine, fresh air, and play time aren’t just amenities for kids. They’re positively vital. But, when the weather is rough, what’s there to do indoors?


Unfortunately, poor weather can typically mean extended screen time⁠—one of the least healthy pastimes that a kid can indulge in. Not only does too much exposure to electronics have a decidedly negative impact on a child’s attention span, but it’s also been linked to language delays in toddlers and disruptive sleep patterns. Worst of all, it stunts the imagination, which is the most natural gift your kids can have.


Don’t let the weather get you down. And, don’t give your kids more screen time. If you’re looking to make the most of a day that’s cloudy and grey, here are ten of the most fun filled indoor games for kids that just might surprise you!




Not only does I Spy help your child develop a sense of just how diverse the world around them is, but it can also challenge their perception. Your kid needs a game that develops their appreciation of the complexity of everyday objects and this classic game is sure to entertain for hours on end!




Is your toddler just a little too rambunctious? A game of sock wars just may be the right outlet to help them unleash any pent up aggression in a healthy and productive way. Don’t forget to include your cat for even more thrills!




Who doesn’t like finding buried treasure? One of the most fun indoor games for kids is Scavenger Hunt wherein even the most mundane objects can take on a whole new value with a friendly game. The variety of objects to include can be virtually endless for both you and your kids.




Do you want to be amazed by just how much your kid has learned about the world around them? Test their skills with the game of alphabets. They’ll have to think quick! “A” can be for aardvark or avocado. “B” might be for bed or even banana! 




Your child is likely clever. So, can you outsmart them? Put your own detective skills to the test with a game of hide and seek. Not only might your kids outwit you, but you just might be surprised at just how vast your home is!




Need an indoor game for your kids that builds both their dexterity and their excitement? A game of balloon tennis keeps your child both active and entertained. Just be sure to watch out for the possibility of a shock from static electricity!




Your packing tape isn’t just for moving. It can also entertain your kids! Letters, numbers, and even everyday objects can be easily arranged with masking tape. Allow your children to burn off all of that excess energy by jumping from shape to shape!




Not only does musical chairs help your child to develop an appreciation for music, but it also helps them to learn physical coordination as well. It is especially important for toddlers to develop psycho-motor skills and musical chairs is an ideal game to help them practice thinking and acting t quickly.




One of the most effective indoor games for kids is sorting. Whether it’s by color, shape, letter, or even function, sorting games help your child to learn analysis, strategy, and critical thinking in a way that’s just as complex as it is fun. To make it even more challenging, have your children compete to find out who can sort objects the fastest!




Potatoes aren’t just delicious, they can also be fun! Have your kids place a potato between their knees. Whoever reaches the finish line first has to drop it into a designated bowl or bucket. If they accidentally drop it before reaching the finish line (no hands, please!), then they have to start all over again.


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