6 Fun Extracurricular Activities for your Child

extracurricular activities

Children of any age are always up for fun activities. Pair it up with learning new hobbies and skills and what you’ve got are extracurricular activities to fill their spare time.

Extracurricular activities allow children to be productive and urge them to utilize their new skills outside the standard academic setting. It relieves stress and gives them a break from the routine of spending hours in school and brings more benefits to your child than simply learning how to read and write in class.

As we know, learning shouldn’t be confined to just the four corners of the classroom. Your child needs a space to be creative. One where they can freely practice self-expression. So bring out the best in your children and help them find their interests by letting them try out these fun extracurricular activities.


Spanning different cultures and time periods, music is one thing that has kept evolving yet remained a constant part of our society and overall human experience.  It has played a role in shaping our lives in various different aspects—a fact that will most likely remain unchanged for hundreds of years to come.

A 2016 study from USC notes that exposing your child to learning music can help accelerate their cognitive development. So whether your child has a knack for singing or playing instruments, get them to commit to playing at least one musical instrument—whether that’s a piano, a guitar or a trumpet. Instruments make them cool and that’s a bonus.

Beyond that, music helps your child get smarter, faster. So don’t wait long and start them early.


Has your child shown interest in dancing?

Whether they are into ballet, folk or contemporary, there are a number of classes available for your child to choose from. 

Dancing helps your child gain confidence. It instills discipline and helps improve their body coordination. Enrolling in dance classes also helps emphasize teamwork, which is a key ingredient in developing your child’s social skills.


Remember what sports you played as a child? It doesn’t matter what form it took, so long as they’re physically challenging, you’ve made the right choice.

Sports can range from gymnastics to baseball to swimming to football.

As long as physical activities are involved, sports are one of the best pastimes for kids to enjoy after school. It releases their pent up energy during the day which helps them sleep better during the night. It also helps improve their overall physical health and reduces any risk of obesity.

Boys are more often inclined to participate in sports but girls can be great at them too. Just remember to give your full support if any sports interest them.

Painting and Sketching

Children are naturally creative. Unleash your child’s inner artist through visual arts by opening up opportunities for them to create and explore. Sketching and painting classes are very common these days. But they can even start learning techniques by watching video tutorials online.

Creativity is innate, let them flow free. It’s just a matter of building the skills to express them. So bring in the art materials because your child will love them… guaranteed! 

Sewing Classes

Although you may not want to because needles are not safe kids, learning how to sew or patch up some holes can be handy. Cross stitching and knitting can even become a hobby. 

With proper supervision, sewing classes can be a great extracurricular activity. Many of those who land in the fashion industry fell in love with the craft as soon as they learned how to make clothes.

Who knows you might be raising a budding fashion designer!

Cooking Class

Another handy skill that can turn into a passion and profession is cooking.

Cooking classes are among the most fun and rewarding extracurricular activities your child can participate in. They are doubly rewarding because they involve learning essential life skills.

Children who know how to cook and prepare their own meals are more likely to develop a healthy eating lifestyle. So bring on the pots and pans and watch out for your little master chef in the making!

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