6 Habits of Super Healthy Kids

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Adopting healthy habits is just as important for kids as it is for adults. It’s important for children to incorporate healthy habits into their everyday lives  when they’re young in order to maintain good health throughout their entire lives. A healthy child can enjoy a happier childhood, perform better in school and achieve his or her maximum potential. Because a healthy lifestyle provides different benefits for both adults and kids alike, it’s important to instill good habits early on.

There’s no better time to adopt healthy habits and raise super healthy kids. Start them young and start now!

Healthy kids get plenty of sleep

The importance of a good night’s  sleep in children cannot be discounted. Quality sleep is crucial for a child’s growth and development. It also plays a significant role in maintaining  bodily functions in addition to mental and emotional health. Toddlers are expected to get at least 11 hours of sleep, while school-aged kids should get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

As parents, making sure your little one gets adequate sleep should be a priority. Create a bedtime routine for your kids and avoid distractions before bedtime. 

Healthy kids choose  healthy foods

Super healthy kids eat minimal  amounts of junk food. They primarily eat healthy meals and incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diet. It’s not always easy for parents to ensure that their kids eat healthier foods,  especially when the child is a picky eater. But there are plenty of ways to introduce healthy choices into your child’s diet. It just takes a little creativity and imagination. 

Use colors to make eating vegetables and fruits more fun and interesting. For example, Include carrots, apples and oranges. Instead of giving your child cookies or chips for an after-school snack, choose snacks that are rich in nutrients and high in fiber.

Healthy kids get in the  habit of regular hand-washing

The simple routine  of regular hand-washing goes a long way. It helps children avoid  various infections like respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses. Teach your little one the value of hand-washing on a regular basis, especially after playing outside and before meals.

Healthy kids drink plenty of water

If your little one is addicted to soda or fruit juices, you are not alone! Many parents struggle to get their kids to drink something other than sweetened beverages because well, they’re delicious! However, too much sugar isn’t healthy. Excessive sugar intake is linked to childhood obesity and increases the risk of behavioral problems among children.  Sugary drinks also tend to replace foods that are rich in fiber and nutrients. Don’t allow your child to only drink unhealthy beverages. Instead, be sure to help them get in the habit of sticking to the good stuff. 

Healthy kids enjoy more time outdoors

In a world dominated by technology, distractions are everywhere. It’s easy for kids, and even parents, to lose sight of the things that matter.Oftentimes, we find ourselves glued to our mobile phones – kids playing games and watching videos, adults browsing social media accounts, and so on.

As parents, it’s imperative that we set a good example for our kids. Don’t  allow them to get engrossed in too much screen time, as this should not be their primary source of happiness and entertainment. Active kids are healthy and happy kids. Encourage your little one to spend more time outdoors. Set up playtime and let them invite other kids over. Outdoor play can be even more fun than playing with mobile devices. Not only is playing outside an excellent way to get exercise and be physically active but it also provides opportunities for kids to learn how to make friends and interact with others.

Healthy kids reduce their sugar intake

Sweet treats like chocolates, cookies, cakes, and candies, are every child’s favorite. Sometimes these are the kinds of food they can’t get enough of. However, if parents always give in to their children’s tantrums demanding sweets , the right habits are not instilled. It’s ok to allow your child to indulge in some sweet treats once in a while, but healthy kids do this in moderation.. Instead, they stick to their limits and keep their sugar intake under control.

It is every parent’s desire to raise super healthy kids. It’s easier said than done, that’s true. But with the help of this guide, you will help your little one grow up with life skills for kids to become a healthy and happy individual. 

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