7 Reasons Why Parents Should Encourage Kids to Read

mother and daughter reading a book

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairytales.” – Albert Einstein.

Indeed, the importance of reading cannot be discounted and even Albert Einstein agreed.  As parents, we want our children to be successful. We want them to realize their dreams and become the people they want to be. We want them to be intelligent.  This all starts with instilling in our children healthy habits such as reading. A significant part of children’s learning takes place when they read. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should encourage your kids to read.

Reading helps expand a child’s vocabulary

It’s no secret that reading helps expand a child’s vocabulary. When children  read, they are exposed to words they haven’t heard before. This provides them more opportunities to become familiar with more words and learn ahead of their developmental stage. Reading is also an excellent exercise for speech as your child  learns how to pronounce new words correctly until they become increasingly fluent.  

As parents, when you encourage kids to read early on, you are helping make the transition to the elementary years easier and less stressful. Reading books also provides plenty of opportunities for kids to boost their cognitive development and is a good practice for language skills.

Reading improves their comprehension

With reading comes comprehension skills. Young kids who develop a love for reading at an early age often  find it easier to comprehend academic material in addition to information they receive outside the classroom. Practicing reading sharpens young children’s minds to better understand and analyze the world around them. Their thinking abilities are enhanced as reading enriches intelligence.  

Reading improves concentration and memory

Focusing on a story is excellent practice for young kids to brush up on their concentration skills and memory. It helps children remain focused and it also boosts their memorization skills. Reading a book requires staying attentive to  details such as the characters, setting, background and plot. When kids read, they unconsciously make an effort to remember these details as they weave the entirety of the story together and understand its overall meaning. 

Reading provides a great  bonding activity for parents and children

Aside from its contributions to  your child’s knowledge and skill-building reading together is also a perfect bonding activity for kids and parents. When you sit down with your little one to guide them through reading, you’re also spending quality time they will cherish until they grow old. Your child can also read his or her  own book while you read one simultaneously. This is a great way for kids to see and understand the value of reading.

Reading fosters a child’s imagination and creativity

It’s true that books give people the ability to travel, fly, and explore without leaving the four corners of their home. It gives us the chance to imagine who we want to be, meet new people and visit new places we never knew existed. For kids, reading enables them to create a visual picture based on the stories they read. Reading books compels them to imagine and think beyond reality which is good practice for boosting creativity and imagination. 

Reading helps kids perform better academically 

Reading books and other materials during early childhood  helps to improve kids’ performance in school. As children explore different stories, they become  more open to new ideas, are more creative and more focused on academics and other activities. Not only does  reading enhance children’s cognitive skills and help them perform better in their academic subjects, but reading also gives kids the opportunity to learn other valuable life lessons such as kindness and empathy. 

Reading is an excellent source of entertainment

Kids love  to have fun, and reading is a great way to do just that!  In fact, reading is an excellent source of entertainment. As young children begin to develop a passion for reading, they’ll discover that becoming immersed in various stories can involve a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences they won’t get anywhere else.

If you want your little one to find success later in life, remember  that reading is one of the keys to get there. Now is the time to get your kids into the habit of reading and send them to a school that encourages the same – Imagine Nation Learning Center. Please feel free to give us a call for more information. 


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