7 Secrets to Raising Healthy, Active Kids

girl playing soccer

Just like adults, young kids need to have regular physical activity. Not only is this important in their growth and development, but it also provides lifelong benefits. However, since today’s children are born in the age of social media, video games and electronic gadgets, raising active kids has become even more challenging for most parents. If you’re caught in the same dilemma, don’t worry. Here are some helpful tips you might find handy in raising active children.

Be a role model

This is one of the many instances where the old adage “Actions speak louder than words” applies. One of the best things you as parents can do to encourage your child to be physically active is to serve as a role model. Turn off that television. Get up and start showing your kids what it means to be healthy by being active. It doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym every day. There are a plethora of things you can do to incorporate physical activities and a bit of exercise into your daily routine.

Schedule outdoor play with your children after school or during the weekend. Choose fun activities that don’t require going to the gym like walking or biking.

Make it fun

One of the reasons why some adults hate exercising is because they find it boring. That’s the same for kids. When they learn that being physically active is a treat, they’ll most likely crave for more! 

Because young kids like to do exciting things, inject some fun into your physical activities. Offer them a range of options then let them select the one they enjoy the most. Also, instead of spending your weekend family time in front of the screen, consider outdoor activities like going to the park or a nearby beach. Not only will this make your little one look forward to the weekend but it will get them excited about their active playtime.

Get involved

Your involvement in your child’s activities further motivates them to veer away from the sedentary lifestyle. So, it’s time to become a child again and join your child when they play hopscotch or join a dance class!

Schedule active play

Another reason why kids lack adequate physical activity is that we don’t put conscious effort into incorporating it into their schedules. While parents are busy with career and house chores, children are also busy with homework and gadgets. What you can do is slot active play into your schedule as a family. Look for a time every week when everybody in the family is available for a trip to the beach, hiking, strolling around the park and other fun activities

Ditch the car

Another excellent idea to encourage your kids and the whole family to exercise is by ditching the car. For example, when you’re going out to buy ice cream at a nearby ice cream parlor or any destination you can reach in less than 20 minutes without using the car, you might as well walk to wherever you’re going. Do it whenever possible as this isn’t just a good way to exercise but it’s also an excellent opportunity to bond. 

Walk your dog

Do you have a pet dog? Depending on your child’s age and the size of your furry companion, you may let them take your pet for a walk with your supervision. You can do this around your neighborhood or at the park after school or during the weekend. 

Encourage them to get involved in sports

Getting involved in sports is another fun and exciting way to get your kids moving. However, don’t be the one to make the decision for them. Ask them which sports they’re actually interested in. Do they want to do swimming? Volleyball? Basketball? Or do they have other hobbies that involve being physically active like dancing? If they do, encourage them to join in these activities. 

Raising active kids, even if you aren’t used to being active, doesn’t have to be a struggle. With the help of these tips, you can get your child to ease into living a healthy and active lifestyle.

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