5 Basic Skills to Teach Kids to Become Independent

basic skills

Ever noticed how your little one is starting to do things by themselves without help from you or any adults? This is the phase where they start to exercise independence.

It’s important that parents encourage this because developing independence in kids fosters self-reliance. It gives them a sense of confidence and boosts their self-esteem. It also helps them develop other vital qualities that set them on the path to success. Cultivating independence in young kids begins with learning important basic skills – how to cook, managing money, managing their time, and many others. 

Give your child the gift of independence by teaching them these fundamental skills.

Time management

Being responsible for their own time is one of the things that children should learn early on. This will help them become efficient in managing their projects and school-related tasks, which allows ample time for both play and work. 

As parents, we often find ourselves constantly telling our kids what to do and when they should do it. We’re often the one deciding how their day should look. Rather than dictating all these things, it’s a lot better to give your child the opportunity to practice time management. For example, instead of waking them up in the morning, let them set their alarm clock and get up on their own. Encourage them to keep track of their own activities by having them use a planner or creating a schedule chart.

Money management

Spending money seems easy enough especially for young kids who do not understand yet how difficult it is to earn money. This is exactly why parents should train their kids how to be money-savvy.

Instill in your little one a good attitude toward money by incorporating it into your conversations. Emphasize the importance of saving and the fact that money is something that we earn by working. And because they’re just kids who receive an allowance from parents, let them save up for something they want to buy instead of buying it for them. This will teach them how to budget the pocket money they’re given. 

Simple cooking

Teaching kids how to cook isn’t only instilling in them a sense of independence. It’s also a good way to teach them about the importance of a balanced diet. When you get the chance, invite your little one to join you in meal prep and cooking. Make them feel comfortable in the kitchen by assigning them simple tasks and providing them the tools they need.

It can be as simple as making their own peanut butter sandwich or tossing a salad. You can also get them involved in baking. Ask them to mix the dry ingredients or sprinkle chocolate shavings over the cookies you’re making!

Taking care of their health

As much as we always want to be around our kids to make sure they’re safe and protected, we know that that’s not the case. Make sure your child knows how to take care of themselves while they are young by instilling in them the importance of caring for their body and their health.

Teach them about personal hygiene and keeping themselves clean to stay away from viruses. Also, pay close attention to their diet. While you want to make sure they eat their fruits and vegetables, be sure not to force it. Instead, discuss the risks of not eating healthy and binging on sweets and junk food all the time. 


Whatever happens in our future largely relies on the decisions we make today. And if you want to make sure your child gets to enjoy a good life down the line, it’s a good idea to teach them the value of making appropriate decisions at an early age. 

Teaching them about decision-making doesn’t have to be complicated. You can start with letting them choose between two activities, two food items, two games, and so on. When practicing this, guide them toward making better choices by explaining the consequences each decision entails. 

We all want our kids to grow up becoming fairly independent. And developing essential basic life skills is a good way to start. 

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