Top 6 Benefits of Storytelling

benefits of storytelling

Living in a world dominated by technology has led many parents to allow their children to bring electronic devices to bed as they’re getting ready for sleep. Let’s admit it. It makes our job as parents easier sometimes when our kids are aided in falling by watching television or playing video games. While these conveniences are perks that children deserve to enjoy occasionally, we also need to remember the inherent benefits of storytelling. 

Reading stories with children plays an important role in a child’s brain development. Story time helps boost our children’s imagination and creativity while helping to enrich their developing language and literacy skills. Whether you and your child are enjoying picture books together, singing songs, or reading rhyming stories, storytelling can benefit your child in various ways. 

Read on to learn about the benefits of storytelling with youngsters. 

Storytelling instills virtues and values in children

Stories fascinate children, and carving out adequate time for storytelling in your home presents an excellent opportunity for you to instill valuable lessons and virtues in your little one. When they listen to a story, they tend to emulate the attributes of the characters in the story. As you read a story to your child, you can highlight the admirable qualities displayed by the characters in the story. Take a moment to emphasize how the story addresses attributes like kindness, compassion, and honesty. Choose stories that introduce lessons about morals and significant principles in life, as these things will play a role in your child’s developing character. 

It enhances listening skills

Young kids typically have a short attention span. It can be difficult for many kids to focus their attention on something for an extended period of time. Because of their active imaginations, young children may tend to talk more and listen less. This is where storytelling comes into play. 

Storytelling helps enhance a child’s listening skills. Little ones tend to pay more attention to stories they find interesting, fun, or exciting. Be sure to choose stories that can hold your child’s attention longer. Or better yet, encourage your child to select a book for reading time. 

It fosters imagination

When a child has a story read to him or her, the experience is vastly different from watching a movie or TV show on a screen. Storytelling enhances a child’s brain development. It encourages little ones to use their imaginations as the story unfolds. Listening to a story gives rise to their imaginative and creative skills as they picture the characters, settings, and events in the story. Be sure to read stories from various genres and topics to encourage the imaginative thinker in your child. 

It enhances communication skills

Another important benefit of engaging in storytelling is a child’s improved communication skills and verbal proficiency. When children hear a story, it helps them better express themselves by becoming acquainted with new words and other aspects of language. During your reading time, your child picks up new words and increases his or her vocabulary. Reading stories aloud also makes understanding and learning words and sentences come more easily and quickly. 

Additionally, when you engage in storytelling with your little one, encourage them to ask questions or share any thoughts. Make the experience interactive, and welcome questions, comments, or observations. 

It helps develop emotional and social skills

Through storytelling, young kids develop emotional intelligence and the ability to better regulate their emotions. When children hear stories, it helps them learn how to be more considerate and thoughtful of others. Hearing stories also helps young children  accept differing thoughts and opinions of others, and better understand how their own actions impact those around them. 

It helps sharpen  children’s memory

Did you know that storytelling also helps sharpen a child’s memory? Reading stories with your little one is a good exercise for their developing brains. Hearing stories is a good learning tool that gives children the opportunity to practice making mental notes of a story’s details, such as the characters, chronological events, and places. It’s also a good idea to ask children questions as you go through the story together to check their recall and review how much information they have retained.

Parents play an important role when it comes to encouraging their kids to learn at home. There’s a wide range of activities that you can utilize to make learning more fun and engaging, and one of these is storytelling. Given the benefits of storytelling to your child’s development, you now have even more reasons to invest more time in reading books and enjoying stories with your kids. 

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