How to Tell if your Child is Ready for Preschool?

How to Tell if your Child is Ready for Preschool?

What comes to mind when you think of preschool? Do you envision a structured environment too small for your little one to be in? Are you worried that your child might have a difficult time coping with the separation? Many parents share the same sentiments when it comes to sending their kids to preschool. The truth is, there’s really nothing to be worried about.

How to know if your child is ready for preschool?

Preschool is designed to help children become successful individuals in the future. It can benefit your little one in several different ways. Sending your child to a preschool will not only help them develop their cognitive skills. They will also be equipped with emotional and social skills as they learn how to get along with other kids.

Find out if your child is ready for preschool by taking a look at these signs.

They know how to understand and follow simple directions

One of the signs that your child is ready for preschool is when they’re able to understand and follow instructions. A child’s ability to follow directions is determined by their cognitive capacity. If they’re able to follow basic instructions at home like “please wash your hands” or “please take off your shoes”, it’s a good indication that they are ready.

They know how to take turns and are cooperative

Preschool provides the kind of environment where young kids are given the opportunity to be with other kids. It is the perfect place to learn social skills because they get to meet new peers. Because your child isn’t alone in a preschool classroom, it’s important that they learn how to cooperate and take turns, especially during group activities.

They are comfortable being separated from you

Separation anxiety is one of the things that worries many parents when it comes to enrolling their kids in preschool. They worry that their kids might not be able to cope emotionally. While school anxiety is natural, parents should try to let their children get used to them not being around. You can try to start a weekly visit to their grandparents so they’ll start becoming more comfortable around other people. If they feel comfortable being separated from you, you know they’re ready for school.

They are comfortable with routines

One of the things young kids learn in preschool is adhering to schedules. At school, there’s a certain schedule for every activity – playing, learning, eating, storytelling, and so on. If your child is used to following routines at home, then it’s a good sign they are ready for school. You can also help your child become comfortable with schedules by practicing it at home before school starts.

Interact with other children

Preschool is a place where young kids are given plenty of opportunities to develop their social skills. It’s where they meet and make new friends. However, if your child is the type who is kind of shy, you might want to teach them some social skills before they begin preschool. You can probably arrange playtime with other kids to make the transition easier.

Basic self-care skills

When in preschool, children should be able to exhibit independent behavior. They should at least be able to dress and feed themselves. Is your child able to care for themselves without much help from you? Can they independently wash their hands, unpack their meals, or wear their shoes? If so, they must be ready to enter preschool!

Potty trained

Some preschools and child care centers do not enroll kids who are not potty trained. However, while other schools are not really strict about this matter, it’s still best if kids are toilet trained before attending preschool. This will not only help your child avoid making any mess, it will also save them from embarrassment.

Preschool can benefit young kids in more ways than one. Consider these points when determining if your little one is preschool-ready.

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