How to Beat Cabin Fever: 6 Kid-Friendly Activities You Should Try

how to beat cabin fever

Cabin fever is a popular term used to describe a person’s reaction to being confined or isolated over a prolonged period. It is usually associated with feelings of irritability and restlessness and manifests in both adults and children alike.

There are various kinds of circumstances by which cabin fever symptoms may occur. One good example is the situation we’re in now; the one that’s brought upon us by the pandemic. 

If your child is experiencing cabin fever as a result of quarantine, lockdown, and social distancing, know that you’re not alone in this. The good news is that there are several ways to combat the anxiety your little one may be feeling. Read on and learn how to help your child beat cabin fever.

Indoor games

There’s no better way to combat cabin fever than by increasing physical activity and moving your body! Your kids may be confined inside the house but it doesn’t mean that fun should be limited. There are several games the family can play inside the house that do not create a mess.

You can have scavenger hunts or indoor treasure hunts! You can also try playing object hide and seek and make it more exciting by adding a twist to it. Maybe you can add clues and describe the hidden object with one adjective. Set a time limit to add a little pressure and excitement to the game. 

Kitchen activities

Getting busy in the kitchen is always fun. Not only is it an excellent way to beat cabin fever but it’s also a perfect parent and child bonding activity. 

Why don’t you carve out time for cooking and baking? Look for kid-friendly recipes online which you can replicate with your child. Bake some cookies or cupcakes. Be sure to encourage their participation and get them involved in the process by doing simple steps such as mixing and decorating. Give them a free hand on decorating the cookies as if they were pieces of art or choosing what color of sprinkles to use atop the cupcakes!

Arts and crafts

Imaginative activities such as arts and crafts are another great idea for killing boredom when children are home. Provide your little one with materials to work on such as recycled paper, cans and plastic bottles. Give them coloring tools as well as space to do their works of art. Let their imagination run wild and give them the liberty to create anything they can think of from scratch, unless they seek help for ideas, of course.

Not only are these activities great for keeping them entertained but they are also great ways to help foster creativity in young kids.

A walk down memory lane

Kids love to look at old photos as much as adults do. So, while you’re all home and enjoying more family time, bring out photo albums and have your little one look at the photos of their younger selves. The nostalgia this activity brings offers the perfect opportunity for storytelling and reminiscing the most precious moments from when you first held them in your arms. 

Household chores

There’s no better time to teach kids about household chores than during a vacation from school. Doing a few simple things around the house can instill in kids some valuable lessons. These include a sense of responsibility, independence, and patience. Incorporate age-appropriate chores in your child’s day to day activities at home.

If they are too young to do a big kid’s chores, have them tackle the simplest tasks such as organizing their toys or fixing their bed. If they can handle bigger stuff, ask them to do more stuff around the kitchen or help out with the cleaning or gardening. 

Storytelling and book reading

Another fun learning activity you may want to encourage for your kids to beat cabin fever is reading storybooks. Reading offers an extensive range of benefits to children. It helps develop their cognitive skills and foster their creativity and imagination. Carve out time for reading and storytelling while school is out. Who knows, you might awaken a lifelong love for reading.

It might get you worried to see your little one showing signs of restlessness or anxiety or irritability but don’t worry. There are several cures to beat cabin fever and these are some of the activities you may want to try.

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