How to Properly Prepare for your First Parent-Teacher Conference

mother helping her child with homework

A child’s success in school largely depends on their parents’ involvement in their education. To be involved, one of the things you can do is to attend parent-teacher conferences. Parent-teacher conferences may seem intimidating for both parents and teachers, but they don’t have to be. They are designed to strengthen collaboration to further support the children’s education. They also provide opportunities for discussing the progress of the students, their needs and strengths, as well as things that teachers and parents can do to help kids do better in school. Make this activity more fruitful for your child, and follow these tips to prepare for parent-teacher conferences.

Observing your child’s homework

Overseeing your child’s homework is a good way to take note of potential issues that need addressing. Try to notice the way they respond to the work assigned to them. Is your child struggling or are they familiar with the concepts? Is the homework appropriate for their age or is it too advanced? By looking at the things your child is working on at home, you can get a better grasp of the things they are studying at school. It will also give you an idea about the things your child needs help with. Make a list of your observations so you can bring them up at the next parent-teacher conference.

Ask your child for feedback

Take time to talk to your child and ask them about how they feel about school in general. Are they happy about the activities and homework? Have they built friendships with peers? Who do they interact with? What kind of activities do they usually enjoy? Are they complaining about anything or are there certain things they’re struggling with? Be sure to write these things down. Take note of the things that impact not only their school performance but also their wellbeing as a whole. 

Prepare your questions

One of the most important goals of attending parent-teacher conferences is to address issues that concern the welfare of children. Therefore, be sure to come prepared by getting your list of questions ready. 

Be ready to listen

Communication is a two-way street. While parents have ample opportunity to speak up, raise concerns and ask questions, teachers are equally entitled to speak. Be sure to keep an open mind and be ready to listen during a parent-teacher conference. This activity is an excellent venue to listen, learn and exchange ideas for the benefit of the students involved. 

Gather examples

While teachers keep samples of their student’s work to keep track of their progress, parents are also encouraged to do the same. Whether your child is progressing or falling behind, it is best to gather examples of their work and bring them during the conference. This will help the teacher better understand how a child is developing at school and what help they need. These examples are also useful in indicating if the pacing is too fast for their learning curve or if they need to be challenged more in class. 

Be a team player

Parent-teacher conferences are designed for collaboration between parents and the teacher to help raise successful and happy kids. Therefore, don’t treat the teacher as the enemy but rather as your ally. Be a team player and work hand in hand with your child’s teacher. Communicate clearly. Raise concerns and ask questions, but be prepared to listen at the same time. Work together to come up with solutions that address the child’s challenges and protect their interests. 

Focus on the child’s learning

If there’s anything that parent-teacher conferences should be focused on, it’s the children’s learning. Make the most of the time you’re given to discuss things that will help maximize their learning at school. Whether it’s academics or extracurricular activities, make your child’s learning the center of the discussion.

In parent-teacher conferences, you have to remember that your child’s teacher has the same goal to help them succeed in school. Find the best formula that works best for them by working hand in hand with the teachers to reach your common goal.

Be sure to send your little one to a school that values a child’s learning and lifelong success. Please feel free to contact Imagine Nation Learning Center for more information.


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