Top 7 Ways on How to Put Kids to Sleep

Top 7 Ways on How to Put Kids to Sleep

If you’ve had a hard time putting your child to bed, you are not alone! Most parents would agree that one of the most difficult things they deal with is the nightly challenge – getting their kids to bed. Well, it may not be easy but it is one of the most important things we need to do for our kids.

Children need to get good quality sleep. It is crucial not only to their physical growth but also their mental and emotional development. When good sleep habits are maintained, children wake up happy and refreshed. They are less likely to have behavior problems.

How to put kids to sleep?

So if you’re wondering how to put kids to sleep fast and easy, here are some helpful tips you could use.

Establish sleep habits for the whole family

Specific sleeping time should not only be established for your child but for the whole family. Children don’t want to feel like they are the only ones who need to sleep early. Have a specific bedtime set for the entire family to follow, even during weekends. This way, your little one won’t have to feel bad every time they are sent to bed because they know it’s a family routine.

Wake up on time

Instead of allowing everyone to wake up on their own time, it would be best to set up a household wake up time. Doing this will make it easier for your child to stick to a specific routine. Waking up on time will also help them get to bed early.

Create an exciting bedtime routine

One of the reasons why children do not like bedtime is that they think that it’s not fun and is boring. This is especially true when you have to interrupt their play in the evening because it’s time to go to bed. The good thing is that you can change this mindset by creating a routine that’s fun and exciting.

Make bedtime a special time by incorporating some of their favorite activities. If they love to hear bedtime stories, make time for it before you tuck them in. If they enjoy talking about their day, allow some time for these conversations. Just be sure the entire routine includes brushing their teeth and changing into their pajamas. Also, limit the routine to a specific time frame. If it has to be 30 minutes, then be sure to end it after 30 minutes. Be firm about telling your child when it’s time to sleep.

Turn off the screens

Sleeping becomes difficult when our brains are active or engaged in any stimulating activity. Make sure to keep your child away from stimulation at least an hour before bedtime, like video games and TV shows. Turn off their tablets, smart devices and the television. Allow some time for them to relax and wind down to make falling asleep faster.

Make their room conducive for sleeping

Sleeping is easier for children when their room feels relaxing and comfortable. Make sure it doesn’t feel too cold or too warm in their room. It should also be dark and quiet, and not too much noise around the house. If your child isn’t used to a completely dark room, leave a small night light on. Also, be sure they are dressed comfortably.

Give them a security object

Another reason why kids hate bedtime is that it means separation from their parents. Some kids don’t feel secure when they are left alone in their rooms. To provide a sense of security, it helps to leave them a security object. It can be their favorite stuffed toy, doll, a blanket, or anything they hold dear and consider personal. This helps increase their comfort and sense of assurance before they fall asleep.

Be firm

The most important trick to get your child to bed is to be firm. Don’t give them the impression that they can win you over by giving in to their tantrums and whining. Stick to the routine no matter what. Make sure they understand that bedtime is bedtime.

Putting kids to sleep is one of the biggest struggles of many parents. And if you’re caught in the same dilemma, these tips should come in handy.

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