6 Ways for Keeping Kids Busy at Home

keeping kids busy

Being a parent is a challenging undertaking for all. Juggling the demands of work and home while raising kids can be downright overwhelming. Thanks to ongoing developments in technology, there is a variety of fun games and gadgets available to keep kids occupied. These options can be especially useful when we need to tend to items on our own to-do list or take a few minutes for ourselves. However, excessive TV and screen time can be detrimental to our children’s development and wellbeing.

Luckily, there are many other ways to keep your little one entertained at home without relying too heavily on the internet and technology. Here are some ideas to help you out!

Whip up something in the kitchen

Something most kids enjoy is exercising their independence. A great opportunity many kids enjoy is helping you in the kitchen with meal preparation and cooking! Request your little one’s help when you’re whipping up something for dinner. Instead of looking for other activities to keep them busy, let your kids roll up their sleeves and get involved. They’ll enjoy helping you out. 

You can start by assigning kids simple tasks like washing fruits and vegetables or mixing dry ingredients together. In addition to being a great way to keep children entertained. It’s also a fun parent-child bonding activity!


Does your child have a penchant for creating works of art? Have your little one channel his or her inner artist and by introducing a painting activity! Provide your child with the necessary materials and let him or her have fun experimenting with paint.  It can also be fun to give kids other objects to paint besides blank paper or canvas. For example, have them try painting recycled materials such as plastic bottles or dried leaves. Let them use other painting materials besides brushes, such as cotton balls or even their fingers!

Let them build

Building something from scratch can be another fun idea to keep your kids busy at home. Let your little one create something from different objects like old newspapers, toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks and other household items. Encourage kids to use their creativity and imagination as they create a masterpiece from scratch. The sky’s the limit!

Enlist their help with household chores

It’s never too early to let your little one learn how to help out with household chores. In fact, it’s a good way to instill in them a sense of responsibility and independence. Start by asking children to make their beds, or organize their toys or sweep the floor. Another excellent idea is to incorporate simple lessons into the chores. For example, when helping with laundry, you can ask your child to match up pairs of socks, or group the folded clothes according to color. 

Burn some energy

Young kids can be naturally full of energy. What better way is there for them to release their energy than to let them move around? Instead of cultivating an addiction to electronic devices for excessive periods of time, it’s best to encourage kids to spend time outdoors when possible. Encourage outdoor play so your child can be physically active and move around. Supply them with outdoor toys or set up games for them to play. 

Encourage reading

Reading offers a plethora of benefits for young kids. In addition to giving children’s brains some good exercise, developing a love for reading at an early age can help foster your child’s creativity and imagination. Reading can also help enhance kids’ vocabulary and language skills, and it also helps to develop their emotional and social skills.

Since reading can be a fun learning activity, why not encourage your kids to read at home? Provide them with exciting and interesting reading materials that will keep them occupied for extended periods of time. Invite your child to tag along when you visit the library or a book shop so he or she can pick out reading materials that pique their interest. 

It can be tough for any parent to juggle responsibilities at home and at work, but there are always ways to lighten the load. Keeping your kids busy while you tackle what needs to get done doesn’t have to be a challenge. Use these ideas to help you out!

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