4 Tips for Hosting Remote Playdates to Help your Child Maintain Friendships from a Distance


Even before this latest series of events, there have always been reasons that kids could not get together in person with their friends. Family vacations, moving out of the area, illness…

Can children still have playdates even when they can’t get together in person?

Technology is now a major part in people’s lives—and everyone is grateful for this. Modern technology enables so many things, including the ability to communicate across great distances.

There are apps that allow your kids to connect virtually with their friends and enjoy some playdate fun. Through these apps, they can play various board games, read to each other from the same book, collaborate on school projects, watch movies together, create art together, or play online games together.

Here are some fun playdate ideas you can let your kids enjoy when they can’t get together in person:


This is a free video-calling app that offers unlimited access to its members. Kids will love this app.

They can read books from over 1,000 titles together, color, and play games during the video call. The aim of this app for kids to have meaningful connections and keep them connected in a more engaging and educational way.

Netflix Party

Gather all your kid’s friends and host a movie night.

Netflix Party is a great tool to let kids watch their favorite movies together. Those with a Netflix subscription can add this Google Chrome extension for free where you can synchronize a video playback with your child’s playdates.

You can also add a group chat where they can talk while watching the film. This is a by-invitation-only party so parents will not have to worry about strangers joining the chat. 

Anyone in the group can pause, rewind, or fast forward the movie to ensure that nobody gets left behind.

Grab some snacks or pop some popcorn for your kid, set up a comfy couch, and let them enjoy a long-distance movie night with friends.

Game Night

Kids love games, and spending most of their time playing online games is normal for some. 

Playing games — even video games — together has long had a social component, even for those who are not in the same room.

Online gaming site Pogo lets kids play their favorite board games, such as Yahtzee and Monopoly, with their friends virtually. Pokemon Go is another interactive game that allows kids to interact with each other and monitor their activities online.

Messenger Kids

Parents worry about their kids being unchecked on social media, and for good reason. However, parental controls are built right into Facebook’s Messenger Kids app.

Kids can have all the fun they want, with parents having some peace of mind. This app lets kids from 6-12 years old message and video chat with family and friends.

What’s more fun about this app than many similar mainstream messaging apps is that it comes with challenges, filters, and drawings kids can play with. They can also use this channel to collaborate with their friends to talk about homework or group projects.

Staying connected and continued learning are important. Even when kids can’t get together in person, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to cut off their social ties with friends.

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