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At Imagine Nation, we don’t believe in the term “terrible threes.” It’s the “terrific threes” we encourage.

A three-year-old’s imagination is rivaled only by their impressionability. But it’s not just their minds and creativity that need activity. They need physical exercise as well. And our Creators program stresses the perfect balance of social skills, complex problem-solving, and physical activity in an atmosphere designed to stimulate as much as it’s designed to instruct.

We focus on play not merely as physical exercise, however. We know that play promotes independence and decision-making skills. We view play time as being both an emotional and physical activity. And with the right balance of creativity and imagination, your three-year-old will develop on much more balanced sense of self-esteem.

What Can You Expect From Our Creator’s Curriculum?

We conduct a biannual evaluation based on age-appropriate benchmarks to assess each child’s growth and development. Below are some of the basic milestones we look for in a child entering the preschool classroom, in addition to specific academic and developmental achievements: