How to Give Your Child a Proper Discipline?

How to Give Your Child a Proper Discipline

If there’s one thing that all parents should be good at, it is giving their children proper discipline. Discipline, contrary to the belief of many, is more than just giving kids consequences or punishments. It’s all about making sure that kids learn critical skills to become responsible adults.

Proper discipline can benefit your child in more ways than one. It teaches kids how to make the right decisions. It contributes to their overall healthy development, happiness and well-being.

Giving your child the proper discipline

So how do you give your little one the right discipline?

Make quality time a priority

Spending adequate quality time with your little one is one of the best things you can do if you want to raise a well-disciplined child. A child’s behavior is usually a result of whether or not they feel loved. Getting enough attention, care and affection from their parents gives them a sense of belongingness and boosts their self-esteem. This, in turn, results in a happy, confident and loving child.

Don’t keep on saying “no”

The word “no” is nothing more than a mere command to young kids. It doesn’t teach them anything nor make them feel more capable. Instead of always telling them the things they can’t do or aren’t allowed to, redirect them to what they can. For example, instead of telling them that no, they can’t stay up late to watch cartoons, you can tell them they can go for an early bedtime and get 8 hours of sleep so they can watch their favorite cartoons the next morning.  

Set limits

Children should be given a clear set of rules to follow. They should understand why they don’t always get what they want. When they start to argue, be empathetic and loving but stay firm and consistent.

Make them understand what the consequences are for

Young kids don’t usually understand the difference between right or wrong. They will exhibit bad behavior every now and then and that’s normal. What matters is how you tame their bad behavior and make sure it doesn’t repeat. Don’t hesitate to impose consequences, but make them understand what the consequences are for.

Hear them out

Refusing to argue with your child doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be giving them the chance to be heard. Children need to be given a voice. Encourage them to share their thoughts, even if they think that things are sometimes not fair. Listen to what they have to say. Whether you agree or not, the important thing is they’re able to present their case and air their concerns. This will help you reach a resolution agreeable to both parties.

Don’t embarrass them when they make mistakes

Positive parenting means encouraging conversations about children’s bad behavior instead of making them feel embarrassed. Never scold or yell at them in public. Wait until you have a private time with them before you talk to them about their mistakes and talk to them immediately. Do not wait until the next day before discussing their behavior. Mistakes are opportunities to learn so make sure that your conversation is geared towards making them understand why they were called out and what they are expected to do moving forward.

Praise them for good behavior

Proper discipline isn’t all about calling out a child for their mistakes and correcting them. It’s not just about telling them what you don’t like. It’s also about praising them for their good behavior. You want them to continue doing what’s right so always make it a point to recognize or praise them for behaving well. Use positive and empowering phrases such as “You did a great job when you fixed your toys after using them” or “I like how you used the words please and thank you.”

There will be times when things get out of hand and you won’t be able to entirely control your child’s behavior, but that’s what proper discipline is for. With proper discipline, your little one will learn how to behave appropriately and learn how to choose the right things even when you aren’t looking.

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