Top 5 Tips on How to Manage Rough School Drop Off

Top 5 Tips on How to Manage Rough School Drop Offs

Children go through different stages in their lives and when they start attending school, parents feel different. Some children find it hard to go inside the classroom without crying or whining about seeing their parents go. This breaks their parents’ hearts. Both of them face the challenge of separation anxiety whenever there’s a school drop off.

How can parents manage a rough school drop off?

Separation anxiety challenges both children and parents and that’s the reality of growing up. However, parents wonder if children can survive the day in school without throwing a tantrum. Teachers help parents teach children to cope with the anxiety of getting separated.

Some teachers give out classroom activities that encourages children to get to know their classmates. Those classroom activities include reading, role playing, and even class singing.

Follow through this post and learn different tips on how to manage rough school drop offs.

Prepare the children and let them feel excited about school

A new school year starts and parents feel a little excited about how will their children feel when they first enter school. Others feel a little bit anxious as their little ones begin a new journey. Instead of feeling anxious about school, inspire them by talking about the different things they will learn when they go to school.

Parents should remember to avoid sharing stories about ill experiences in school. This may frighten children and lead to them feeling more anxious about it. Children need to feel positive about school to enthuse them about attending classes. Tell stories about the classroom activities that their teachers create for them.

Participate in different school activities

One of the best things about preschool teachers is that they create different school activities for children. Some of these activities make children feel comfortable with the environment and their classmates. These activities include:

  • Coloring activities
  • Storytelling
  • Introducing yourself
  • Role playing
  • Singing nursery rhymes

Parents need to remember that before dropping off and driving to work, they should reassure their children that they will see each other after school.

Shorten the drop off process

The shorter the drop off routine, the quicker children learn to cope. Remember that you need to go to work and waiting for your child to enter school adds to their anxieties. This may worsen their crying or tantrums.

Keep in mind that teachers undergo rigorous training about managing and handling children, especially in situations like this. If children get stubborn, try bringing them to the classroom and hand them to the teacher. Don’t stay for long!

Ensure them that you will see each other during lunch break or after class. Give them a hug or a kiss and drive to work. Avoid standing by the door or waiting in the hallway.

Bring a comfortable item to school

Some parents let their children bring their favorite toy, blanket, or even a bracelet from their jewelry box. Just check with the school to see if they prohibit this kind of action. Most teachers understand this and children will be happy to know that their school allows this policy.

Even if they don’t hold it every single time, they know it’s just in their backpack. It acts just like an amulet or armor that powers through their separation anxiety.

Just continue with the school drop off

Now, both of you can endure feeling sad during a drop off. This pains you but even though it hurts, parents should know that going through it makes it worthwhile. Just make it short and remember to reassure them that you’ll fetch them after classes.

Rough school drop offs challenges parents and children. Both may cry but all can be managed with the right actions. Imagine Nation Learning Center helps parents manage the tantrums and crying through positive reinforcement and reassurance.

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